What is motion graphic?

Let’s start by thinking about your favorite videos. What did you like the most?¬†If we have the same interests, you probably answer ” it’s not about just one thing.” It’s about all parts fitting together perfectly. From story to graphics, they all work together to make a perfect eye-catching video.

What is motion graphics? (Definition)

motion graphic

Same as animation with text as a major component. In other words, it is animated graphic design. It’s been always a debate about the differences between full animation and motion graphics. Now we want to introduce an early example of motion graphics when the opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho were shown. Watch it carefully to see how sound, motion, and graphic design just come together perfectly well.

Don’t forget that aim of motion graphics is to communicate with the viewers. When we are talking about motion graphics it has to give us a message. Better graphic design and animating better communication with the viewers.

Motion graphics successful examples

Let’s take a look at motion graphics to find out what do we mean by perfect motion graphics in each part of the business.


Broadcast channel La Effe was looking to rebrand. They needed something to make them different from other SKY channels. They assumed they needed creativity and innovation to rebrand. A Creative Studio called Nerdo suggested producing motion graphics with a strong emphasis on typography. Let’s be honest you’re not watching something like this on everyday channels and social media

Television title sequence

The main title sequence for HBO’s True Detective is a great example of a perfect motion graphic we mean. Look how perfect everything matches. , for example, the bleak landscape represents the inner feeling of the characters.

Patrick Clair, creative director interviewed and said ” story is always the most fundamental part of our design process.”

Creating awareness

After watching this video you will see how this motion graphic shares a powerful message with a background track and a voiceover.

To make powerful communication with your audience you don’t necessarily need fancy design. It Is all about the story. Creativity comes with simplicity. If you are looking for a simple motion graphic which is an explainer video or motivational video or increasing awareness video, you should probably craft a wonderful story and use the animation to support it.

Explaining a concept 

One of the best use of motion graphics is explaining complex concepts in the easiest way possible.ITFT uses motion graphics to illustrate their points and show the blockchain in action. Motion graphics are a perfect option than presentation or graphic design because you support a point or help the viewer see the information you share differently.

Telling a story

After watching motion graphics you will see how potentially motion graphics can create an entire music video. Just like music videos, the graphic itself tells a story than a song.

This is another use of motion graphics that you can use to create advertising or even make a short film.

Present a product video

One of the most efficient ways to present your product to your customer and increase sales is by making motion graphics. It has the capability of creating fun entertaining and engaging videos. Of course, if it is cheaper than full animation and it can bring something a little different to the table just like the video you watched.

Motion graphics templates

In this video, we do our best to prepare free motion graphic templates that you can use for your own business in any way you wish. As we said you can use motion graphics using these free templates to present your product or build a strong relationship with viewers and customers.

If you are a starter to content creation on any platform you can use these free templates for good.

With all you know now from motion graphics and its benefits, it’s time to decide how you want to use motion graphics in advertising and marketing your business.

Contact us so we can offer the cheapest and the most efficient way to do it.

Don’t forget motion graphics are always the best option you have.

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