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Getting customers and prospective customers is the main reason we do content creation in marketing.

By doing content creation there would be an agreement:

Readers  benefits by taking time the Read or watch your content.  Having readers for your content means you can probably arrive at CTA (call To Action) for your audience to act .

Better the content better relation with readers.  If you have a better relationship with your readers you might be able to build trust with your audience and that means they might be your prospective customers and this is the key to content creation.

Create content that your audience enjoys reading and that is completing your side of the agreement.

In this article, we do our best to guide you through content creation step by step even if it’s your first time to do content creation or you are the business that does content creation as professional marketing.

Trust our experience and follow the steps below:

First thing first:  an idea

content creation

any content creation starts with an matter if you have an abstract you need to turn it into a keyword, topic or a pre-written headline,  you need some kind of idea to start there is no diffrent if you’re  Writing your Content or you are thinking about copy writing.  Very first thing you need to do is to look at your website analytics so you can find your highest ranking search terms. Those are the ideas you need. Your lowest ranking search terms matters as well. Those are needed to rank higher for those terms. Let’s give you another useful tip; you can type keywords related to your business into Google and Google suggestions are ideas you’re looking for.

Let’s do research

Let's do research

This is you who knows the business well enough to talk about it to others or help businesses with things they don’t might know. This doesn’t mean that you have all the information and statistic you need to start content creation.  No matter how you think you are the best, you need to research before beginning to write. Believe us, the biggest part of our job is to research for articles. Use any website you think they are useful. Find the statistic that relates to your topic and don’t forget to keep your sources because you might need them.  You have to read and do research until you feel confident enough to write a full-length blog.

Keep an eye on your strategy and direct your content.

Do you prefer a long story or a short one to tell your story?

Do you want to give information or it is just for fun?

How do you like your readers to feel while reading your content?

Do you feel like your article needs pictures, infographics, videos, motion graphics?

You have to determine the voice and tone of your article before you start writing.

Keep an eye on your strategy and direct your content.

Don’t forget your headlines

Research shows your readers pay attention more to your headlines. About 80% will read only the headlines and only 20% will read the rest of your article. This means you need to create creative and eye-catching headlines for your article. You have to know you get the best in content creation when your readers share your article with others. It happens that we might have 20 up to 30 headlines for articles and then we start choosing the best.  Headline generators could be an option.

Start writing your article.

Considering all our experience, storytelling is the best way to expose your content.

Start telling a story that is compelling enough for readers to keep reading your article. Start asking questions you are about to give answers.

You have to break your content into sections so readers prefer to see your article in specific parts.

Use the conclusion, to sum up. Use it wisely to get CTA(call to action) so readers know what’s next.

Start writing your article.

Make coffee.

No, it is a joke. Drinking coffee while content creation isn’t part of the process. Yet, once you are done writing, you have to take a step away from writing so that you can be more focused on the subject and point. Get ready for Proofreading and publishing.

Let’s get it done (Proofread and publish.)

It’s been a while you’re writing the article and your focus on that so you might do mistakes. Mispronunciation is common. You have to be careful with your sentences they have to be smooth and compelling. Don’t forget about your tone and intonation. Grammar errors happen.

So you might be careful about all these points and do Proofreading and publishing in best. For more information and to receive this type of service, visit Kaj website.

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